Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday on Tunuyan, Mendoza - Argentina

Julio and Leandro. Great friends

My Brother, known as Foco.

A good friend called Julio.

Another good friend called Marcelo

Last Sunday we went to Tunuyan, a small city near the Andes Mountains... in Mendoza, west of Argentina, with some friends
We ended on a really nice burned hotel once called SAMAI HUASI. It is in the middle of the mountains, and it shows that once it was a luxury hotel, now it's only scrap metal and an abandoned place ... really cool place to make a FPS game like Half Life or something like that.
I started to take pictures with my Treo 650, so quality is not really good, but i'm not buying a digital camera :). Althought i wanted to share this pictures with everyone, so here they are.



i hope you like them.

c ya next trip!


Cristian said...

Es realmente bueno saber que visitaron este lugar hermoso como lo es Tunuyàn y espero que vuelvan desde ya son BIENVENIDOS espero que sigan descubriendo lo maravilloso que es todo esto y lo importante que es el agua en mi ciudad.Soy Cristiàn Rivero tengo 24 años.

Soulkeeper said...

Muchas gracias por tu comentario Cristián, realmente es un hermoso lugar... de hecho voy relativamente seguido al manzano historico, dado que tengo la casa de un tio mio.

espero que te guste el blog.